Win Probability Chart Match Game

Now that it’s been a few weeks since the end of Tech’s 2017 football season, we can start to look back more objectively at how and why the season went the way it did.

Or we could play a game. And games sound like more fun.

You may have seen a few tweets referencing the win probability charts that ESPN creates for each football game. Basically, during the game, it shows the probability of either team winning the game. But after the game is over, you can see an decent representation of how the game went. Was one team in control of the game the whole way? Or did the momentum go back and forth throughout the contest?

If you’re still confused, more information about these charts can be seen here.

This game is to try to guess which game the each chart is from. There’s also a usually useless hint for each game that may or may not help you choose. Unlike the gtpdd Contest, there is no prize here, but it gives you something to do to procrastinate from doing your homework.

So anyway, give it a shot!

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